The philosophy of sustainability remains a major focus to Developers/Owners.  This philosophy has also been embraced by both design and construction professionals across the country.  With this emphasis to provide more efficient buildings and practice more sustainable construction, the development of new operating procedures has become essential.  The teams at J.M. Wilkerson Construction have been responsible for the construction of over $97.6 million in completed LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and over $63 million in Earthcraft projects. These projects have included residential, commercial and industrial types of construction.

Our teams continually strive to develop and maintain the necessary skills to both document and execute sustainable projects.  With LEED accredited professionals on staff at JMW, we have created detailed procedures for tracking projects from creation through implementation.  Our teams have been able to achieve tremendous success with respect to sustainability goals on behalf of our Owners.

The process and execution of a sustainable project is greatly dependent on the communication skills and involvement of both the design and construction professionals. The earlier these teams begin to review the level of sustainability an owner seeks to achieve, the greater the chances for success.

In addition, the decision to develop a sustainable project requires a team to closely review the type of materials specified, the construction staging proposed, the electrical and plumbing designs, as well as, the smaller details throughout the facility.

J.M. Wilkerson Construction is committed to the execution of innovative and challenging projects. We have made the commitment to provide the highest level of service combined with thoughtful and responsible construction practices. Our sustainable background offers great benefit and experience to meet the needs of any project.

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