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J.M. Wilkerson Construction Co., Inc. team provides professional services including Design/Bid/Build, Design/Build, Project Management, Scheduling, Value Engineering, Sustainable Construction and Construction Manager At-Risk.  J.M. Wilkerson’s CM At-Risk partnerships are accustomed to working on both large and small projects with aggressive schedules.  Our team is committed to working with clients to provide the earliest possible project completion and the most competitive pricing.  The selection and interaction between qualified design professionals and the construction team is critical to the overall success of a project.  Team collaboration between the Owner, Contractor and Designers set the stage and tone for the entire process.

With the Construction Manager At-Risk delivery method, teams need to fully understand the basic functions associated with this construction delivery method. CM At-Risk is a delivery method which delivers a project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and within an agreed timeline. J.M. Wilkerson acts as consultant or team member during the development of the design phase by providing pricing, construction staging and construction advisement. Later, JMW will develop and administer bid packages, managing labor, providing project budget management and overall project coordination.

We believe that when a construction team is bound by a GMP, fundamental characteristics of the Owner/Contractor relationship change. We become part of the team and act in the Owner’s interest. We also manage and control construction costs without the sacrifice of quality. We work hard to ensure that the final project does not exceed the GMP. Our team works with diligence to provide the best possible management, procurement and costs controls.

CM At-Risk Advantages as defined by the AIA:

  • Increases the speed of the project and can also strengthen coordination between the architect/engineer and the construction manager.
  • The client hires the construction manager based on qualifications, thus better ensuring a construction manager with a strong allegiance to the client, because their business relies on references and repeat work.
  • Construction managers, architects/engineers, and the client all collaborate. This creates enhanced synergies throughout the process.
  • Transparency is enhanced, because all costs and fees are in the open, which diminishes adversarial relationships between components working on the project, while at the same time eliminating bid shopping.

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