J.M. Wilkerson Construction Co., Inc.’s Design/Build partnerships are accustomed to working on both large and small projects with tight schedules.  Our team is committed to working with clients to provide the earliest possible project completion and the most competitive pricing.  The selection and interaction between qualified Design Professionals and the Construction Team is critical to the overall success of a project.  Team collaboration between the Owner, Contractor and Designers set the stage and tone for the entire Design/Build Process.

Understanding and identifying the goals and expectations of our clients is a critical step in the Design/Build process.  We spend quality time planning a project from the beginning, with regular meetings, creating initial budgets and timelines to set a baseline.  These initial documents are managed, maintained and updated as the process moves through design phases, approvals and into construction.  This critical step provides a consistent thread of information that runs from the beginning of a project to its final close out after construction is complete.

Communication is the most important factor in ensuring a project’s successful completion. Our Design/Build approach makes maximum use of regularly scheduled team meetings. This approach includes the creation of action item lists, noting critical activities that require immediate action, in addition to assigning a responsible party and completion date.

Management can begin as early as the concept and throughout the creation of a Schematic Design. Our team works hand in hand with the design professionals providing guidance without limitations on the creative process. With the construction team on board full time, pricing milestones become part of the overall process, as well as consistency in specifications and expectations for the final product.

Our goal is to arrive at the earliest possible completion date, providing quality workmanship at the lowest cost. Throughout the design, permitting and construction, it is imperative that we control project costs, schedules, procurement and changes. The combination of construction and design collaboration throughout the entire project assists in this process to provide benefit and protection to the Owners.

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