Renovated Braelinn Village to get directional signs

Renovated Braelinn Village to get directional signs

Friday, April 30, 2010 – 1:21pm
Submitted by John Munford


When the makeover of the Braelinn Village is complete, shoppers will have plenty of architectural eye candy to enjoy.

A newly designed parking area. New store facades. More landscaping. Golf cart parking just outside the storefronts.

Oh, and in case you get distracted by it all, they’ll have a few new signs to help direct you toward certain stores.

The new signs were recommended for approval Monday night by the planning commission. Called directional signs, there will be six in all: three on either side of breezeways that connect the old “rear” golf cart parking areas to the sidewalk along storefronts.

The directional signs will be seven feet tall with graphics consisting of about 12.5 square feet, said interim Community Development Director David Rast.

The signs are intended to help shoppers find their way along the center, which is very linear in design, Rast said.

The Shopping Center Group, which is managing the property, is proposing the signs advertise Braelinn merchants only. In that respect, they will be unlike signs at the Avenue shopping center, which are sold to companies both on and off-property for advertisements.

“I don’t like the signs at The Avenue,” said Planning Commissioner Lynda Wojcik.

Commission Chairman Patrick Staples agreed.

“They’re very distracting, very not Peachtree City,” Staples said.

The Avenue is managed by Cousins Properties.

The new signs for the Braelinn shopping center must get final approval at a later date from the City Council, Rast noted.

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