Stone Mountain Spillway
Stone Mountain Spillway
Stone Mountain, GA
Stone Mountain Memorial Association
Post Construction

J.M. Wilkerson Construction Co., Inc. was contracted to remove an existing 67 foot wide grouted rip rap spillway in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

The spillway is located on the south end of the Stone Mountain dam completed in 1965. This category 1 dam created the park’s 363 acre lake. JMW replaced the existing spillway with a cast-in-place concrete stepped spillway with a control section and stilling basin. The spillway serves as the principal and emergency system for controlling the dam and lake levels. Completing the project on time was critical, as Stone Mountain Lake hosts the “Scarlet O’Hara” authentic paddlewheel riverboats and many other recreational functions on the lake. The spillway is essential to controlling the level of the lake for all uses at the facility making this project critical to the parks use and business. JMW placed over 4,000 cubic yards of concrete in nearly half an acre of surface area. This project was completed in less than 7 months, finishing 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

1999 American Concrete Institute (ACI) Award of Excellence