Riskonnect - Phases II-III
Riskonnect - Phases II-III
Kennesaw, GA
P&L Barrett LP
Hendrick, Inc Professional Corporation
Post Construction

J.M. Wilkerson Construction Co., Inc. served as the general contractor for  Riskonnect, Phase III, in Suite 500 at Barrett Lake in Kennesaw, GA.

In phase II, the JMW interiors teams demolished 2,000 sq. ft. of out dated office space, including walls, ceilings and carpet.  Our teams then installed new updated finishes and basic partitions for the development of one main office space.  Existing HVAC, lighting and fire sprinkler systems were modified as needed to work within the newly finished space.

In phase III, JMW expanded Riskonnect’s existing office space by 6,500 sq. ft. as part of their Phase III of renovations.  Our teams combined adjacent office space adding 9 new office offices, a conference room, communal phone privacy room and an IT/data closet space.  This connection increased their existing space allowing for better circulation and connectivity for their expanding office needs.  Additional work included complete updates to their common space throughout the office space as well as new kitchen spaces.  This was the 6th project of this type for the P&L ownership team completed by the JMW interiors team.