Finally! Trackside Tavern Opens Today

Finally! Trackside Tavern Opens Today –

23 Jul 2011

The long wait is over. Trackside Tavern is opening today at 1 p.m. Just two days ago, owner Alan Czarkowski told Patch the beer was in the fridge, a good indication the opening was very close.

For months, folks have been specualting about the opening of Trackside, the neighborhood tavern that burned two years ago. Although it’s been totally rebuilt, pains have been taken to retain much of the original character of the popular bar.

“We are hoping people get the word gradually and come in throughout the afternoon and evening of the first day so the staff isn’t completely overwhelmed in the first few minutes,” Czarkowski said.

Parking maybe hard to find, so if you can’t park behind Trackside, there are spaces across the rail tracks on Trinity Street in the lot where the old Relax Inn was, he advised.

“Better yet, carpool or take a cab there and back,” he added.

Team trivia will be starting in about two weeks and down the road apiece, live music will be played once again at Trackside.

“We are always open for suggestions — let us know your favorite drink, food preferences, etc. We’ll do our best to try to accommodate everyone,” Czarkowski said.

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