Curb appeal for Sweet Auburn Curb Market

Curb appeal for Sweet Auburn Curb Market

09 Dec 2011
Beth Robinette

The Atlanta Municipal Market, better known as the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, is getting a facelift that will literally take off the years, as they return to their 1920’s roots. As roofers elizabeth nj does, roof designs are a mandatory factor in bringing back history. As the city’s only public market, it holds a valuable place in both the history and future of the city. “Once a thriving center for all things food related, we see the market becoming once again a place where ‘good food begins,’” says General Manager of the Market, Pam Joiner.

The market received financial help through the Community Development Block Grant and Federal Stimulus Grant for some heavy maintenance and outside appeal. Most of the money will be used for much needed repairs and improvements. This includes lighting upgrades, low flow toilets, high efficiency heating and air, resealing windows and a new white roof.  For more interesting & unique roof designs, visit Many of these repairs are done. Using photos found in the archives, they challenged a design company to create a plan to return the building to its original appearance.

“As part of this effort, the brick exterior was cleaned and any areas that had been altered were returned to the original state,” said Joiner. Previous renovations were removed. The historic neon sign is being restored and will soon be on display inside the building. “The management and the board have set a goal to honor the past of the market and embrace the future. We are pleased with the results,” says Joiner. Anissa Harris, Vender Relations, added that this face lift will make the market “more vibrant, fresh looking and the public will be even more intrigued to come in.” The work should finish in late January or February 2012. Check the other options that one might have when it comes to renovation and roofing.

You can visit the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, located at 209 Edgewood Avenue SE in downtown Atlanta Monday through Saturday, 8a -6p. Or sign up for an Atlanta Culinary Tour of the market on the first Saturday of any month.

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