City Hall Moves Forward

City Hall Moves Forward

The Hartwell Sun Editorial Board

With another hurdle – the selection of a contractor – cleared, there’s more reason to be excited that a new City Hall will soon be a magnificent centerpiece for downtown Hartwell.

Though the Nov. 18 vote was not unanimous, the Hartwell City Council was able to amicably designate J.M. Wilkerson as it’s first choice. As such, the Marietta firm will get the project as long as a formal agreement can be negotiated.

If Wilkerson’s performance can match its presentation to City Council, Hartwell will soon have an ideal facility in which to conduct the city’s business. and an attractive landmark for decades to come.

Wilkerson’s plans, which include a four-column entrance and a clock tower, pleased the council, as did its assurance that it would hire many local workers for the project. Plus, Wilkerson’s bid was reported to be almost $250,000 less than that of second-choice Trehel Corporation of Clemson, S.C.

Though there have been differing opinions on the council regarding the need for a new facility, and later, picking a contractor, progress seems to have been made smoothly without much open conflict.

While an official deal has not yet been struck, there’s reason for optimism we’ll get one given the enthusiasm shown by council and a Wilkerson representative.

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