Braelinn owners finish facelift

Braelinn owners finish facelift


By Trey Alverson
Mayor Don Haddix joined the Braelinn Center’s owners, tenants and representatives from The Shopping Center Group to cut the ribbon Wednesday — officially completing the 11-month, $7 million renovation of the Braelinn Shopping Center.The Kmart and Kroger-anchored complex in southern Peachtree City is now arguably the most modern, golf cart-friendly and desirable village retail center in the city.

What a difference a year makes. As recently as last summer, the Braelinn Village Shopping Center was viewed as a Peachtree City “problem area.” The center struggled to maintain tenants and was definitely showing its age.

The Georgia Tech graduate students who studied the city’s village retail centers last year found major problems at Braelinn, noting that the center treated “golf cart drivers as second class citizens.”

Now, golf cart commuters are treated like royalty.

“One of our goals with this project was to become the most golf cart friendly village center in the city,” said Joey Crawford, the property manager at the Braelinn Village Retail Center.

“We’ve completely redone the landscaping along the cart paths coming into the center. Cart drivers now have way-faring signs, leading them to the stores that they are looking for. We’ve put in storefront priority golf cart parking, and we’ve installed charging stations, so shoppers can re-fresh their batteries while they’re picking up groceries at Kroger.”

However, the facelift involves much more than making the center easier on golf cart owners. ASB Capital Management, the owner of the center, paid for a completely new facade, roof and parking lot. Outside of the location of some of the loyal tenants who’ve been there for years, the center is nearly unrecognizable when compared to its former self.

“In a time when owners of properties like this are shying away from big capital investment projects, it is nice to work for owners who are willing to go out on a limb and do something bold like this in a bad economy,” Crawford explained.

“I think its working. The community has really embraced the new look.”

And tenants seem to be appreciative as well. Crawford said he already has four new tenants “in the hopper” — two “food type” uses and two “service-type businesses.”

The Braelinn Village Retail Center is located along Crosstown Road, between Hwy 74 South and Peachtree Parkway

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