Berkeley Lake Dam Repairs Back on Schedule

Berkeley Lake Dam Repairs Back on Schedule

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July rains had caused delays in construction but contractor back on target. The is undergoing $3.6 million major repairs to its dam and road renovations to North Berkeley Lake Road, a main thoroughfare through the community. The dam was damaged in the historic September 2009 rainfall that caused severe damage to the 64-year-old earthen dam that runs along side North Berkeley Lake Road. The city’s mayor, Lois Salter, reports that the repairs to the dam and road are on schedule despite a set back caused by a number of rainy days in July.”I’m happy to report that although they [the contractors] had unavoidably gotten somewhat behind a few weeks ago, they have worked very hard to catch up and are now again on schedule …”Salter said, “The contractor has brought the select fill material up to elevation 902.5 and is constructing the culvert under North Berkeley Lake Road and the vaults that will anchor the low level drain.

The mayor also caused: “Remember that this is an active work area and unsafe for onlookers.”

The city received a $2.6 million FEMA grant to help fund the cost of the repairs which will cover 85 percent of the projected repairs.

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