AGC IT Forum Conference – A Humbling Success

AGC IT Forum Conference – A Humbling Success


The AGC IT Forum Conference was held last week in Chicago, Illinois. The conference’s theme was ‘Changes in Construction IT: Mobile, Data, and Cloud’.

JMW’s very own Rob McKinney presented on day one of the conference. His presentation dealt with Apps and Concepts for using tablets in Construction. Rob found the event to be a “humbling experience” to be able to present his concepts for using apps and technology on construction projects to a room full of actual IT Professionals.

Rob unveiled a new method to improve app workflows on mobile devices. App users can now use progress photos taken with the FotoIn Mobile and add them to drawings stored in a Smartuse app through a connection in the Egnyte cloud space. He also debuted a new app creation platform, Quickbase by Intuit. This online drag and drop option is easy to use and can be deployed very easily to help with your workflow issues.


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