The philosophy of sustainability has become a major focus for many owners.  This philosophy has also been embraced by both design and construction professionals across the country. With this new emphasis to provide more efficient buildings and practice more sustainable construction, the development of new operating procedures has become essential.  The teams at J.M. Wilkerson Construction Co., Inc. have now been responsible for the construction of over $45 million in completed LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects.

green cityWith this relatively new type of design and construction, our teams have made great strides in obtaining the necessary skills to both document and execute a project of this type.  With LEED Accredited Professionals on staff and the development of proprietary processes, we have been able to reach tremendous success on behalf of our owners.

The process and execution of a sustainable project is greatly dependent on the communication skills and involvement of both the design and construction professionals.  The earlier these teams begin to review the level of sustainability that an owner seeks to achieve, the greater the chances for success.  The decision to develop a sustainable project requires a team to dive deeply into the type of materials specified, uses of energy for lighting, heating and cooling, to the basic operation of a facility.  Critical decisions that affect all parties involved are decided much earlier and have more impact as a project moves from design to construction.

JMW Teams have Successfully completed more than $97.6 Million in LEED projects

  • Indigo Hotel, Athens, GA – $15.1 Million – LEED Gold
  • DeKalb County Central Transfer Station & Administrative Headquarters – $24.3 Million – LEED Certified
  • CHRIS Kids, Atlanta, GA – $4.8 Million
  • Charlottetown Terrace, Charlotte, NC – $11.1 Million – LEED Gold
  • Imperial Hotel (Historic Affordable Housing Project – $11 Million – LEED Multi-Family)
  • Lafayette Sustainable Housing Developments – $5.7 Million
  • Ponce City Market  – $25.6 Million

J.M. Wilkerson Construction is committed to the execution of innovative and challenging projects.  We have made the commitment to provide the highest level of service combined with thoughtful and responsible construction practices.  Our teams make every effort to perform and practice sustainability on behalf of a project.  We work hard to divert construction waste from landfills and to employ the use of local and recycled materials where possible.  In 2009, J.M. Wilkerson Construction won the Sustainability Practice award at the AGC Build Georgia Awards and has pledged to continue this track record of success in this area.  We have been able to divert over 1,600 tons of construction waste from landfills and have completed both Silver and Gold LEED projects.