Ponce City Market Parcel "F" Projects
Ponce City Market Parcel "F" Projects
Atlanta, GA
Jamestown, LP
Surber Barber Choate & Hertlein
Post Construction

J.M. Wilkerson Construction Co., Inc. served as the general contractor for the new Ponce City Market Parcel “F” retaining walls and parking deck in Atlanta, GA.

The Parcel “F” project consisted of two unique projects. The first project was the stabilization and construction of retaining walls, which are located on the Southern sections of the Ponce City Market site. The JMW team worked to Design/Build a tieback wall capable of shoring up an existing cast-in-place retaining wall. It runs along the south section of the project. This wall was then used as foundations for an MSE wall, extending an additional 14′-0″ up to the Beltline Plaza, located above this site.

The second phase of construction consisted of the construction of an 8 story, 168,000 sq. ft. cast-in-place concrete parking structure, events space and vertical connection from North Avenue to the Beltline, located adjacent to the site. This new concrete structure was designed and constructed to hold up an additional 15 possible stories for future development.

2016 ACI First Place in the Parking Deck Category
2016 AGC Build Georgia Awards First Place/Best Sustainable Building Practices