Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Corporation
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Corporation
Marietta, GA
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Corporation
Post Construction

J.M. Wilkerson Construction Co., Inc. has performed many projects at Lockheed Martin over the past several years. Below is a list of projects completed by JMW at Lockheed Martin in Marietta, GA.

  • L Building Separation – Phase III B91 Main Facility
  • LM B27 Demonstration Center
  • B1 Data Center Room D2 – SMS
  • LM B-95 AMMM ISC Modifications
  • LM RB-2 Rehabilitation
  • Lockheed C-130J – Training Room Renovation
  • Lockheed Emergency Egress – Stairwell Renovation
  • Lockheed Telemetry Flight Center – Design/Build Office/Data Center
  • Lockheed C-5 SIL Facilities – Interior Renovation
  • Lockheed F22 Coatings Facility Phase IV – Civil & Concrete Packages for New Building
  • Lockheed L-10 SIM Test Facility – Flight Test Simulation Facility Renovation
  • Lockheed Position 53 Ramp – Concrete Paving
  • LM B95 Hallway – Hallway Renovation
  • Lockheed B95 Hallway Waterline – Replacement of Fire Main
  • LM B-107 Kitchen Modification – Kitchen Renovation
  • LM B-95 Cafeteria – Cafeteria & 300 Dining Area
  • LM Cart Shed B-95 Bldg – New Metal Building to House Lockheed Martin Vehicles
  • LM Chemical Storage Enclosures – New Metal Buildings to House Chemicals
  • LM Chemical Run-Off Area – New Checmical Run-Off Area
  • LM Elevator Rehab – Renovation of 2 Freight Elevators
  • LM B-1 Bldg Street Improvement – Demo/Replacement of Concrete Floors
  • LM B1 C130 Tank Seal – Foundations & Concrete Package Inside the Existing B1 Building
  • LM B88 Modification – New Foundations Inside and Existing Building
  • LM C130 RSIL – Tenant Build-Out of Classified Lab Area & Restroom Renovation
  • LM B78 C130 Paint Ops Facility – Civil & Concrete Packages for New Building
  • LM RO Tank Foundations – Ring Wall Foundations (Civil & Concrete)
  • LM B1 Leak Test – Slab Demo, Install Trench Drains & Install Slab on Grade