J.M. Wilkerson Construction Co., Inc. is a technology-forward organization. JMW’s IT Department helps keep our project teams up to date with new and useful technology. JMW’s vision for technology is to provide its team members with the best resources and tools available to complete a project efficiently and successfully.  We utilize software and apps to collaborate and share information with all project stakeholders. This ensures that everyone has the most up-to-date information and project documents. The end goal is to prevent discrepancies and issues, thus saving time and money.

photoThe JMW Technology Committee has developed a program that allows our team members to complete tasks and send items to the main office using iPads. Now, any team member with a mobile device can complete a safety inspection, document an RFI, or mark up a plan on their iPad from the field.

Superintendents use Apps to accomplish the tasks:
– Complete Safety Inspections
– View, modify and mark up project plans
– Punch list generation
– RFIs and Submittals
– Take progress photos using the application
– Complete daily reports and inspections
– Manage employee time

The JMW team reviews and beta-tests new applications regularly to determine if they will help solve for a current workflow problem or replace a current, under-performing app. Technology is constantly changing and improving, and J.M. Wilkerson wants to do the same.