B1 Data Center Phases I and II
B1 Data Center Phases I and II
Marietta, GA
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
Post Construction

J.M. Wilkerson Construction Co., Inc. was selected as the General Contractor for the construction of both Phase I and Phase II of the Lockheed Martin Data Center Project in Marietta, GA.

Phase I of the B1 Data Center, located in the B1 basement, consists of renovating approximately 23,000 sq. ft. and building the “shell” for the Data Center, which includes new walls, flooring, lighting, fire protection, air conditioning and electrical power.  With the completion of Phase I in January of 2012, our teams will start working on Phase II of the Data Center.  This more technical portion of the program consists of minor interior finish work, installation of concrete and wood stair assemblies, stainless steel handrails, plastic laminate base/trim and painting.  The MEP scope of work includes a new FM200 fire protection system at proposed server rooms, a new computer room air conditioning, a new cooling tower, fire alarm modifications, cable tray system, electrical power and UPS.